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365 Daily Podcast #001 – The True Meaning of Commitment

What commitment really means!

We all have goals, things we would like to achieve, dreams that we would love to see become a reality, but how many of us will wake up one day knowing that they’ve made those goals a reality?

There is no reason why every single person reading this article can not make their dreams come true, yes it sounds like a cliche but I 100% believe this in my core.

The question is not can you achieve your goals; it is, will you?

Life has a fantastic way of getting in the way of things or creating distractions meant to lead you of your right path; I know this better than anyone. Over the last ten years, I’ve been running my own business, I’ve had a divorce, nearly gone bankrupt, recovered from drug addiction, got clean, remarried to the love of my life, moved to Spain, moved back and now I have a fantastic 7-month-old daughter with a second on the way. I can testify first hand that life can be complicated, but this shouldn’t stop you from focusing on your goals, and it shouldn’t stop you from achieving them.

Commitment as a word is interesting; it has two definitions, the first is the one I think we are all familiar with, “the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.” Hopefully, we all understand the need to be focused on our goals, to keep them at the forefront of our mind, but it’s the second part of the definition I want to most focus on:

“an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.”

For the most part, I believe many of us overlook this aspect of commitment when we set our goals and promise ourselves that this will be the year I lose the weight, that I expand my business, or run that marathon. Often when we commit, we focus on the montage in our heads of enormous action, hitting the gym at 5 am or working 12 hours a day to make our dreams a reality. We focus on all of the things we want to do to be happy, that we should do to achieve more, and that we must do to be successful.

What very few of us ever do is look at the things we must do. The things that eat away at our success without us even realising, the sacrifices we have to make to achieve what we want. When you commit to something you remove all other options or outcomes from a situation, there is only one outcome, the one you want. If you’re struggling to make your goals happen, or you’re struggling to live the life you know you could and should, then you need to ask yourself the question “have I genuinely committed to making this happen or have I just said I have?”

Being honest with yourself and evaluating your behaviour is a good thing! There is nothing wrong with being honest with yourself as long you take the outcome of that conversation, and you say, “you know what that was then, this is now. What can I do today to make positive steps to be where I want to be?” Commitment does mean you have to make sacrifices, and it’s sacrificing anything that comes between you and your goals. Whether it is specific behaviour, parts of your social life or one fewer hour sleep in the morning – what do you need to sacrifice to achieve your goals? What behaviour is stopping you from getting where you need to be?

Across social media, our podcasts and through our blogs this week we’re going to be focusing commitment, what it takes to be successful, and helping you find out how you get the wheels moving and keep them moving in those first few stressful weeks when you first start to commit to making your goals a reality. So share this post, comment below with your goals and by working together we support each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

Have a great week!

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