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Whether you’re a sales executive, business owner or budding entrepreneur there’s a good chance at some point in your career you’ve been asked the question “What do you do?” or “What is it your company does?”. What could suddenly be a fantastic opportunity to sell your services and win business can suddenly turn into a mess of words without direction. All too many times I’ve been to a networking event or meeting and upon introductions, the person jumps straight into listing every service they provide in intricate detail. This just isn’t going to cut it I’m afraid.

So this is where the infamous elevator pitch comes in!

Here are my top tips to owning the Elevator pitch like a boss!

1. What have you done for me lately?

You have 30 seconds to break the ice, get the conversation going and draw prospective clients into a deeper and more meaningful conversation. What the elevator pitch really comes down to is what can you do for me, so make that clear!

2. Time is money

Get to the point, introduce yourself, open the audience up and address the problem right out of the gate!

Yes mention your benefits but don’t list them no one likes to be talked at! If you can turn the problem into a conversation with you and your business as the solution you’re getting off to a great start.

Remember don’t pack too much in, Elevator pitches are designed to be short, explain your strengthsand how you can help but leave them wanting more information especially if your opening gambit creates a lot of questions!

3. It’s who you know!

My next tip is name drop, and don’t embarrassed! Throwing a few names out there shows that your credible and have a bit of experience and if it worked for them it can work from your potential clients.

4. Ask for the business

Don’t forget to ask for the business, I see so many people drop their one-minute pitch and then just leave it where it was. Remember you’re here for a reason! Let people know exactly what you want from them in your pitch and close them onto the next step.

5. Practice, practice practice!

Like all sales, you’re only as good as the time you spend putting into something. Making sure you know your Elevator Pitch inside and out is going to make you sound calm, cool and professional. If you can’t say it word perfectwithout looking then you don’t know it!

6. Be yourself

Don’t try and portray yourself as someone your not, people will see straight through it and it comes across fake. Relax! If you make a mistake don’t panic, we’re all human and you can always start again. People value honesty above all else so just go with the flow and smile!

7. Get Feedback

The quickest way to perfect your elevator pitch is to use it and get feedback, at your next networking event see what some of your peers thought of your pitch. Did they feel compelled to come and talk to you, and if not why not? You can then improve your pitch over time.

An Elevator Pitch is a great way to get your message out there in a quick concise way and to connect with more contacts quickly. If you’re in the Manchester area on the 23rd of November and want to practice your Elevator Pitch then head over to Eventbriteand book onto our FREE networking event. Not only is a great opportunity to practice your pitch but we’re also putting on a 20 min Elevator Pitch workshop for all attendees.

Have a great week!

Work hard, love the one youre with and have 365 Commitment!

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