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Imagine hundreds of qualified brides and grooms visiting your website every single day!


Every single day couples are actively searching for your services and the amazing photography you can deliver. They are not only interested in your product but they are engaged and more importantly, they’re buyers. It might sound cold but for the vast majority of clients we work with photography is their business, it’s a business they have a love and passion for but at the end of the day we’re all in business to better our lives and those we love most.

It does help if you can have fun at the same time though!

Google SEO

When your website appears at the top of Google, people visit it, fact! The more people that see your site, the more enquires you get, the second fact!

The trick is being found!

It’s all well and good wanting more enquiries but you actually need to put the hard work in to get your site to the top of Google, this is where we come in!

Photography SEO can be challenging!

Our Ultimate Ranking Strategy Version 4.2

I’ve been working within the SEO industry for over 14 years now in that time I’ve had to evolve. With that in mind, I’m pleased to announce our new ranking strategy updated for October 2018.  This is our most powerful ranking system yet and you only have to look at our case studies or reviews to know we get results!

Check out my latest webinar for more information and to find out how we do what we do!

6 Reasons why...

Is the best marketing platform!

That’s why I’ve put down my top 6 reasons why SEO is the best marketing tool for photographers in today’s economy.

1. Qualified Traffic

Nothing is a greater waste of your precious time than attracting people who will never buy from you. That’s where SEO comes in! When someone visits your site because they’ve found you for “wedding photographers Manchester” for example you know these people are actively searching for what you do in your area. More importantly, if they take the time to get in touch you know they’re a potential buyer who loves your style of photography!

2. Long Lasting Results!

The moment that wedding fair ends, you stop paying for Facebook or Google Ads your no longer sending potential clients to your site. The complete opposite is true with SEO! Once you secure your first-page position on Google your site keeps working for you 24/7 even when you’re asleep. This can you free you up to focus on other things!

3. It's cost effective

Yes, there is a cost with SEO, nothing is free in this world whether it costs you time, money or both there is some cost associated with SEO, but this doesn’t stop SEO being one of the most cost-effective marketing methods for any small business.

The only real cost here is the time it takes to learn what you need to know and to implement it or the cost of outsourcing it.

Compared to the potential returns for such a small investment you can see why SEO is still one of the most exciting marketing methods for small businesses.

4. Your in control of your message!

Although there are lots of benefits to listing your site in trade directories you’re often limited to the information you can deliver. Effectively your potential customers are seeing what the directory wants to see rather than your own site.

Often couples will send out lots of price-focused inquiries to dozens of photographers listed on the site without necessarily viewing your portfolio. With search engine optimisation this isn’t the case, your site appears at the top of Google this gives you the chance to showcase your value and why people should use you!

5. It's here to stay

At least twice a year some so-called “expert” makes the crazy claim that SEO is dead and funnily enough this has never been correct, ever. SEO is about evolution and moving with the times. Despite what some people might say there will always be a question that needs answering and an answer to that question. Although search engines have changed dramatically over the years to deliver more and more sophisticated content the principles remain the same.

6. It's the way couples prefer to search

A study by The Wedding Report showed that 72% of couples used a search engine to search for their wedding vendors for their wedding. There were over 210,000 searches in the UK last year for commercial photographers to and newborn portrait photography sore an 1876% increase in searches in 2017.

The facts don’t lie people want your services and they’re searching online.