The Elite Sales Person

Elite Sales Training One Day Course


A full and complete one-day training program designed to give you all the tools, skills and knowledge to dominate your marketplace and take your earnings to the next level.

***everyone who attends our one-day training events will receive 12 months FREE access to our new college of excellence online training platform***

What’s covered in our one-day sales training course?

Session One

Who is the Elite Salesperson?

Learn the key traits of an Elite Salesperson, what drives the top 1% of earners and begin to see a transformation in yourself. You will also learn the core skills you will need to succeed not just in sales but in business in a modern digital economy.

Goal Setting

Although put into practice in the vast majority of sales offices how often do you focus on your daily, weekly and monthly goals? Are your goals preventing you from succeding?

The Future of Sales

The internet has changed the face of sales forever but the vast majority of salespeople are trapped in a world that doesn’t exist anymore. Learn the secrets to using the internet to crush sales, dominate your competition and dramatically increase your closing rate.

Selling The Basics

We all need to start somewhere, and whether you’re an experienced sales veteran or new to sales making sure you have the basics perfect lays the foundations for greater sales success. We’re going to make sure you have the knowledge and skills to grow into a closing machine.


Having the right attitude is key to sales success but this stems from your core beliefs and what fuels your drive. We will break down your limiting beliefs and work on creating an impenetrable wall of motivation to take your sales to the next level.

Session Two

What makes you different

It’s a crowded marketplace out there how do you stand out from the crowd how do you make yourself irresistible to your prospects?

Elite Sales Rules

Do you know the rules for sales success? Do core do’s and don’ts? It’s easy to fall into the trap of making small mistakes that are going to cost you the sale. Learn the Elite Rules to sales success.

Understanding Your Buyer

Every buyer is different and their motivations for buying are also going to be different. Understanding what your client is looking for and what drives them to buy is going to help you dramatically increase your sales and ultimately secure your pipeline for the future.

The Elite Sales Process

We will learn the stages of the Elite Sales Process from introduction through to the close and what can influence both you and the buyer at each stage through the cycle.

Cold Calling & Prospecting

Despite what some may say picking up the phone and getting your brand and products out there is still the quickest way to succeed in today’s marketplace! Learn the Elite Sales cold calling techniques that will allow you to open calls and create trust between you and your buyer!

Session Three

Closing Skills

There’s no need to feel uncomfortable when asking for business, but so many people do! We’re going to learn the tricks, tips and secrets to feeling confident in your close and ultimately how to win unprecedented levels of new business.

Objection Handling

Understand your buyer’s true objection and learn what they really think about you and your products and what you can do to position yourself as the solution to their problems. Learn how to kill stalling techniques and challenge your client’s misconceptions to help them make buying decisions in the here and now.

The Three Pillars of Closing Success

One of the most underutilised parts of the sale the three pilers will without question quickly and logically bring your buyer to either a buy or a move on position. Learn how to use the three pillars to move any sale to the next level.

It’s not you it’s me!

All sales fail for one reason only, the salesperson and their inability to communicate to the client how they can help! Understanding this and moving past it is one of the major stepping stones to sales success.

The truth about consultative selling, education-based selling and Elite Sales

Session Four

College Of Excellence

Learn how to make the most of the new College of Excellence online training platform designed to give you unlimited ongoing support for 12 months after attending your one-day sales training event.

Sales Q&A

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