Monday’s Motivation – On a Tuesday

10 Words to live by! (The secret to achieving more in life)
Monday’s Motivation – Fear and success making the most of the gifts life gave you!

So if you’ve ever worked for me or with me, you will know about this thing I do which is aptly named Monday’s Motivation. I love breaking things down into smaller more manageable pieces mainly because people are obsessed with things that are impossible!

We constantly hear it’s too hard, too tall, too far, it just can’t be done! While at the same time though every day there are hundreds possibly even thousands of people climbing to heights that people never thought possible. So to help my staff, friends and anyone who’s going to be reading this just that little but we do Monday’ Motivation. It’s one thing each week to focus on, to drive towards and see out for the week and then add too. Change one thing each week and that’s 52 things you’ve changed by the end of the year!

My life took a manic twist since January and I’ve been neglecting you lovely people on LinkIn, which I am sorry for, so after many emails requesting that I start posting on here again here we go! Monday’s Motivation, on a Tuesday!

You are constantly making decisions! Left or right, stand or sit, skimmed or full fat, muffin or no muffin. Lots of tiny little decisions, many of which we don’t even realise we’re making. It was only the other day I sat down and realised I had spent the whole day almost running on autopilot. The choices had been there and I had made my decisions, I had chosen a path to head down, but where was it taking me?

Allot of self-help speakers will tell you that “You need to make a decision” and “Decisions are the key to destiny” and I think that’s true, but you need to give yourself some credit! You made the decision to read this, thank you by the way, you made a decision to get up this morning and you made a decision to go to the gym today or not. Sometimes we make these decisions actively, we evaluate the options and make a well-rounded adult decision (or at least we hope we do!). Our choice might not be the right one and we can talk about those situations at a later date but at least in this situation, we’re aware that we’re making the decision.

But what about all those moments where we don’t realise we’re making a decision? The habit like decisions, the decisions that could potentially be destroying your productivity, your ability to grow or perhaps taking you down an altogether less welcomed destination.

Today if you can how about being aware of the decisions you don’t realise your making. From checking social media when your phone vibrates through to how healthy your lunch is. These decisions one by one often add up to huge parts of our lives often without us realising it and by being self-aware, aware of our surroundings and aware of the consequences of our decisions we can begin to make conscious decisions with a choice of what the outcome will be.

Take the first step towards a new you today, it’s never too late to say no to average, to let go the pain of just getting by and start to take control of where your life is heading! The end goal might seem huge, but as we always say in my office, “How do you eat a whale?…One bite at a time!”

Work hard, love the one you’re with and have 365 Commitment!

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