Mondayís Motivation Ė Fear and success making the most of the gifts life gave you!

Monday’s Motivation – On a Tuesday
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Do you ever get that feeling in your chest the one that drags you down, your heart starts to pound, your hearing muffles and you mind starts to race to the never-ending lists of possible futures that might befall you? Welcome to the fast lane people!

These emotions and the fear of failure are a natural part of being a success, and itís something to embrace rather than obsess over. Fear is a good thing, it reminds us that we have something to lose and something to fight for! Lose your fear and you lose the taste for the hunt, and the drive to keep going. Keep that nervous energy well managed and every morning you have yet another reason to spring out of that bed like a rocket! I will never fail!

But, allow your emotions to get the better of you and they will eat away at your success like a parasite. Spend too much time focusing on the what ifís and the maybeís and you will only end creating the future that you tried so hard to avoid. Do not fuel your fears let them fuel you!

So how do you use fear the right way and at the same time prevent it from destroying your life? PGR baby, PGR!

Proactive Ė Be pro-active, take control of your life right now! Remove out of your frame of vision what you canít control, you canít do anything about it! Act on what you can control right now the second you have read this go do something to make something happen in your life!

Goals Ė Setting, reviewing and resetting goals is something so few people do! Daily goals, hourly goals acknowledging your successes and reviewing your failures will keep that fear in check! Donít let life run away from you but keep that constructive pressure on.

Rewards Ė Reward yourself for achieving your goals and making things happen! One of the simplest principles in life is the carrot and the stick! I am 100% a carrot person, I love rewards but you got to earn these rewards in life through hard work. Having something to aim for keeps people moving forward. The stick is the fear, fear of failure fear of letting people down, fear of not becoming the person the person you know you can be.

We are nearly three weeks into 2016 and I want every single one of you reading this do restart and refocus on your new yearís resolutions right now! Take it the next level, find something within you to get your heart rate going. Letís all make that commitment to blow 2016 out of the water, and make this year HUGE!!!!!

Work hard, love the one youíre with and have 365 Commitment!

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