Jurys Inn Manchester

26th July 2018
9am – 5pm


Whether your a web designer, freelancer or your run an established business being able to drive sales and generate revenue is vital to your success and financial growth. With new competition appearing every day there has never been a more important time to ensure your businesses success in the new digital economy by offering something unique and winning business at unprecedented levels.

The same rules apply to value, how do you win contracts with larger margins rather than constantly having to justify your price?

In this one day event, you are going to learn the secrets to generating huge levels of interest from your customers, closing deals in numbers you never thought possible and learning how to grow your pipeline so customers are literally falling over themselves to do business with you.

Topics Covered

  • Learn how to create a killer sales process
  • Break out from the noise of a crowded industry
  • Learn why people buy and don’t buy
  • Add value into non-tangible products
  • Create the perfect script for your business
  • Remove time from longer sale cycles
  • Build INSTANT trust with your customers
  • Learn how to deal with key objections
  • And much much more…

Also Included

  • Follow Up Meeting
  • Workbook & Manual
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Tea & Coffee Breaks
  • Hot & Cold Lunch

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Start/Finish Times:

Start: 9.30

Finish: 16.30 – 17.00

Course Fee:

The course fee is £249

Total Amount: £0.00


1. You’re not hitting your sales targets

If you’re struggling to hit your sales targets and increase your revenue Paul will walk you through how to create an unbeatable sales plan and tackle your challenges head-on. You will also learn about the Elite Sales strategies to help you achieve your sales targets.

2. Your team are struggling to generate enough leads

Stay ahead of your competition and learn how to generate not just massive amounts of leads but also quality leads that are buyers. Learn how to develop cutting-edge lead generation practices and streamline your sales cycle.

3. You feel your industry is too competitive

It can often feel like your industry or niche is overcrowded and there is just too much competition. Paul and his team will teach you how to break out of the noise and develop your unique story.

4. You need new motivation

Sustaining superhuman levels of action requires huge reserves of willpower and motivation. You and your team will learn how to get motivated and stay motivated no matter what the marketplace has to through at you.

5. Your struggling to close sales

If you’re hitting the same objections over and over again without creating a solution it can be a serious drain on your motivational reserves. Paul will give the answers to specific objections so you can close more sales straight away.

6. You’re tired of people trying to haggle on price

If you’re constantly being shopped on your price it can start to take its toll on you. Am I too expensive? Why does everyone say it’s too expensive? If you’re tired of hearing these statements then Paul will teach you the secret to closing at your price every time!

Start/Finish Times:

Start: 9.30

Finish: 16.30 – 17.00

Course Fee:

The course fee is £249

Total Amount: £0.00

What’s else is covered in one-day sales training courses?

Who is the Elite Salesperson?

Learn the key traits of an Elite Salesperson, what drives the top 1% of earners and begin to see a transformation in yourself. You will also learn the core skills you will need to succeed not just in sales but in business in a modern digital economy.

Understanding The Modern Buyer

Times have changed and the way we sell to our clients has to change, learn how to understand the modern buyer and how to sell in a more effective way.

Goal Setting

Although put into practice in the vast majority of sales offices how often do you focus on your daily, weekly and monthly goals? Are your goals preventing you from succeding?

Understanding The Sales Process

Learn how buying decisons are made, what influences buyers and the different stages of the sales cycle.

Selling The Basics

We all need to start somewhere, and whether you’re an experienced sales veteran or new to sales making sure you have the basics perfect lays the foundations for greater sales success. We’re going to make sure you have the knowledge and skills to grow into a closing machine.

Understanding The Buyer

See the world through your clients eyes and learn to understand what your prospects are really thinking. Learn to ask the right questions to give you the answers you need to deliver better pitches and close more sales.


Learn how to structure your pitch in a way that leads your clients into a natural buying position.

Objections Vs Excuses

Learn how to overcome objections and what your client really means vs what they actually say. We will teach you the techniques you need to really get to the root of the problem without being pushy.


In this session we will help you to identify buying signals as well as learning the art of preclosing. We will also cover the foundations of closing and the techniques you can use to allow your prospects to close themsevles.


Learn how to generate strong leads on the phone, pitch without being there in person and build up report with someone you’ve never met. Learn what to say and when to say it.

Start/Finish Times:

Start: 9.30

Finish: 16.30 – 17.00

Course Fee:

The course fee is £249

Total Amount: £0.00