In-House Sales Training

Bespoke sales training designed to meet your specific needs.

In-house sales training is the most effective method of improving your sales teams performance

Every single in-house program we deliver is designed using the Elite Sales Principles that Paul and his team have not only used themselves for ten years but also have now distilled into a plan that can be followed by any salesperson.

We design each program around your product and services to ensure that your team learn the skills and knowledge to improve sales and drive your business revenue forward.

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From small groups through to whole sales teams we are able to create a unique training experience for you and your staff. Centred around your exact requirements we have a very specific process designed to get to know your business and ensure that our training has the most impact. When combined with our ongoing online sales training platform College of Excellence we are able to create am immersive training experience that not only improves your staff’s performance today but ensures that they keep improving over the long term.

We focus on return on investment and ensuring that the skills learned during our training programs are implemented by every member of your team. We are also able to create unique add-ons to College of Excellence specifically for you and your team.

How Does It Work – 5 Steps To Success!

Our Elite Sales training program has been developed based on over 10 years of sales experience across a range of products in a broad spectrum of niches and refined to work for your business regardless of your background, industry or experience. Our unique approach is designed to ensure your team not only the skills and the knowledge to succeed in sales but also the mindset to continue to learn and develop after the training has finished.

Step 1: Your Business Goals

The first step in creating your bespoke training program is for us to get to know your business! We want to understand what your team might be struggling with, what areas you want to focus on and we also want to get to know your products and services to the point where we could sell them for you! This research allows us to create something truely unique tailored to your needs.

Step Two: Custom Design Your Training

Every business is unique, as are the staff that work for it! That’s why we custom design every single course we deliver specifically for your business. This also goes for the exercises and training materials as well as our follow up. We provide a copy of all the material on the day for each member of the team attending but also provide digital copies in case you need them later.

Step Three: Your Event

It’s the big day! Our team will arive early to make sure we’re set up and ready to go when you are. We make sure to break up the traininging into easy to digest blocks with plenty of time for questions. In the afternoon we want to make sure the training is being implemented by your team so it’s time to get hands on as we provide real world feedback on the day.

Step Four: Implementation & Assesment

Once the event has finished it’s time to put what your team has learned into action! We can provide ongoing assessment of effectiveness and follow up sessions in order to make sure that the information and skills that your team now have are being implemented effectively and consistently.

Step Five: Ongoing Training

Although your staff are going to benefit hugely from our one-day events studies, show that your team will forget 70% of training after one day! That’s why our College Of Excellence online training platform is ready to continually deliver ongoing sales training to your staff on a daily basis. See the results not just today but every day as we work towards achieving record sales year on year.

What’s Included In The Elite Sales Training Course?

Our our bespoke training courses are design to help your sales team….


  • Surpass their sales targets, closing more sales and shortning the sales cycle
  • Understand true objections and handle your clients concerns quickly and confidently
  • Learn to prioritise pipeline and sales time
  • Understand your cleints concerns as well as their bying motivations
  • Create step by step sales processes
  • Learn how to build strong relationshops with you clients
  • Qualify leads more effectively
  • Build up self confidence
  • Become more effective sales people



General Sales

Creating A Winning Mindset
Elite Goal Setting
Internet & Sales
100% Accountability
Your competition
You are your own customer
Adding Huge Value
Expert Service
Selling Like A Pro
Elite Sales Process
Breakthrough The Noise
Problem Solving
Educating Your Clients
Multistage Selling
Education Based Selling
Information Based Selling
Relationship Building
Pipe Line


Closing Skills
The Elite Close

Objection Handling

Objections are good!
Real vs False
Price & Value
Understanding Your Clients Part 2

Closing Part 2

Picking the lock
Never Dead A Lead
The Sales Circle
Follow Up
Elite Sales Secrets!

And much much more!

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