In-house Sales Training

Whether your recruiting new staff or looking to develop your existing sales team our bespoke in-housesales training service provides a full and comprehensive sales program designed to deliver measurable results.

Designed around you and your needs Paul and his team can create a unique sales training plan that can be implemented over 1,2 or 3 days with follow up sessions if required.

Each program is designed using the Elite Sales Principles that Paul and his team have not only used themselves for 10 years but also have now distilled into a plan that can be followed by any salesperson.

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The Elite Sales Person

The Elite Sales Person is Paul’s latest book and is written based on his own sales and closing methods developed over the last ten years. After rising to the challenge of putting his years of sales and marketing experiencedown on paperPaul has created a full sales training program around the principles he now calls the Elite Sales Process.

Available online, on Amazon and at all good bookshops, The Elite Sales Person lays the foundations for success in sales, business and life.

How Does It Work?

Our Elite Sales training program has been developed based on over 10 years of sales experience across a range of products in a broad spectrum of niches and refined to work for your business regardless of your background, industry or experience. Our unique approach is designed to ensure your team not only the skills and the knowledge to succeed in sales but also the mindset to continue to learn and develop after the training has finished.

Step 1: Your Business Goals

Before any training commences it’s important to get a strong idea of your business’s goals and what you’re looking to achieve. After a consultation which should highlight any specific measurable goals we need to focus on, we can also provide an anonymousquestionnaire to your staff which can highlight areas your team might want to improve on that you may not have been aware of.

Step Two: Custom Design Your Training

Every business is unique, as are the staff that work for it! That’s why we custom design every single course we deliver specifically for the business we’re going to be working with. This also goes for the exercises and training materials.

Step Three: Your Event

We like to think of our sales training courses as events rather than courses, and this shines through on the day itself. Arriving early our team will set up before your standard office hours in order to make sure when your team arrives we’re ready to rock and roll. Throughout the event, we will be on hand to support you and your team while delivering engaging and challengingsales materials.

Step Four: Implementation & Assesment

Once the event has finished it’s time to put what your team has learned into action! We can provide ongoing assessment of effectiveness and follow up sessions in order to make sure that the information and skills that your team now have are being implemented effectively and consistently.

What’s Included In The Elite Sales Training Course?

All our training events are customised to meet our client’s needs but each one is founded on core principles laid out in the Elite Sales Program. These core subjects are included to make sure everyone attending the training has the skills the knowledge and the tools to succeed and achieve theirfull potential.


Why are we here…

Why are you here…

Elite Goal Setting

Internet & Sales

100% Accountability

Elite Sales Mindset

Your competition

You are your own customer

Who is the Elite Sales Person




Expert Service

Selling Like A Pro

Elite Sales Process

Keeping Things Simple

Breakthrough The Noise

Problem Solving

Educating Your Clients

Multistage Selling

Education Based Selling

Information Based Selling

Relationship Building

The Elite Sales Call


Closing Skills

The Elite Close

Objection Handling

Objections are good!

Real vs False

Price & Value

Understanding Your Clients Part 2

Closing Part 2

Picking the lock

Never Dead A Lead


The Sales Circle

Follow Up

Elite Sales Secrets!

And much much more!

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