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How To Grow Your Photography Business Fast: Part One

If you’re reading this then I would like to welcome you to the growing number of people who have realised that the future is here. Yes, that’s right you are living in the future!

Over the last ten years the way we do business has changed forever, and it’s changing at an exponentially quicker rate than we even realise. You just have to look at the way that social media has taken over the world over the last eight years to understand that world in which you do business in has changed forever.

The question is, are you ready?

Just look at the facts.

Google – Founded in 1998, there are now 40,000 searches on Google a second at it generates $110.8billion in ad revenue alone. 74% of all business transactions in the UK started with a Google search.

Instagram – Founded in 2010 purchased by Facebook for $1billion (steal) now worth $100billion, with 700 million active users. Over 40 billion photos shared, get your head around that!

LinkedIn – Founded 2003 it now has 332 million members and 2 new users join every second.

Pinterest – Fastest growing social media platform in 2017, 78% of users are female and 88% of users have purchased something they’ve pinned!

You get the picture, and although it might seem like these facts are not relevant to your business, I promise you now with every ounce of my being that if you don’t wake up and get a grip on your social media, your branding and your sales skills, you’re going to wake up one day and you will be in the middle of a bad year. I know what you’re saying, bullshit, I’m doing amazing, I’m full, and I’m getting bookings, and to you, I say excellent, well done you but have you paid the mortgage off yet?

I know we might disagree and I respect that but in the 10 years that I’ve been working with photographers I have lost count of the number of business owners I have spoken to who have said “I don’t need to worry about my website as most of my business comes from word of mouth”, only for them to be out of business 3 years later as their clients had no more friends.

What most small businesses owners are struggling with though is getting to grips with the new world order. I speak to hundreds of small business owners every single month, the majority of them are photographers, and the vast majority of them fall into one of four categories. The ignorant, the deniers, the do-nothings and the don’t know-hows.

I will talk about some of these personality types in a moment but what I want to stress is that if you’ve not already started to get your brand identity sorted, and your digital and social media marketing plan in place, now is the time to do it.

Over the last 20 years, photography as an industry has completely changed, I mean photographers have had it tough! Not only has the marketplace you do business in changed, but your clients have become savvier, and the whole photography industry has changed.

Digital technology has changed professional photography beyond recognition, not just from a day to day point of view but as high-end digital SLRs have come down in price the cost of entry to market has dropped massively. I can go to a camera shop, buy a half decent SLR for £700-1000 and few lenses, and the next thing you know I’m a professional photographer! The effects of the digital technology business side of photography has actually been fascinating. Especially when you compare the UK, the US and Australian markets.

What cheap digital technology facilitated was a massive increase in the number of people offering photography services. People who might have had a passion for photography were suddenly able to get the equipment they needed to take their passion or their hobby to the next level, and often without the financial commitments that the pros have. Without these commitments or the need to charge high prices, the market was flooded by effectively cheap photographers, some good and some bad.

Now what happened next is even more interesting as the surge of new semi-pro photographers has occurred globally and is not exclusive to the UK. Over the next few years, the average price of photography in the UK fell, and the market began to form into three distinct groups.

Based on my own experience and having spoken to thousands of photographers, it has become clear that the middle ground has shrunk dramatically! The cheaper end of the market has grown significantly, and there are now hundreds and hundreds of wedding photographers who charge £1000 or thereabouts. The average photographer, therefore, has found himself competing with much cheaper photographers so what has he or she done?

They’ve lowered their prices to try and compete, or they’ve held their rates the same and struggled to grow to the next level.

Strangely though there are a group of photographers, who have gone the other way. There are photographers up and down the country charging £2.5K-£5k per wedding for example, and they have as much or as little work as they want.


Some photographers have 40 or more weddings this year, and they’re happy doing that many weddings but how are they closing that many bookings?

Some photographers are booked two years in advance and have a waiting list, what’s their trick?

The answer to this will be revealed over the coming blog posts but you only have to head on over to the first page of Google and have a look around at some of your local competition to realise that there will be someone in your local area you know of who is hitting some of the heights of the above statements.

So who is this blog for?

This blog is for anyone who wants to increase their revenue.

This series is for anyone who wants more weddings, more commercial work or more work in general.

These articles are for anyone who wants to increase their pricing without losing business.

I am 100% going to be including case studies in these posts over the coming days of clients that’s I have worked with but also photographers I know personally who are earning £5,000 from Dyson for one job, a client who’s booked 39 weddings in 6 months and a photographer who went from charging £1000 a wedding to charging £2000 a wedding effectively doubling his earnings in six months.

Check back tomorrow for step one in our plan to triple your photography earnings and if you have any questions then why not drop me an email, and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.





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