Paul multitasking after the birth of his daughter this October.


“I work with businesses of all sizes from sole traders through to large multinationals to help them increase their exposure and dramatically increase their revenue and prosperity by finding often overlooked opportunities. I have worked with some of the UK’s fastest growing businesses and I now own and operate four rapidly growing companies based in Manchester. I am also a best selling author, public speaker and sales guru.

More importantly than all of that is that I am a proud father and husband, and my drive to succeed by helping others achieve success has become duty, responsibility and obligation.

I believe that every single person can achieve amazing things with the right skills, mindset and support and I hope that either by working directly together or through one of the businesses I own we can help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for visiting my site, please feel free to contact my team for any help or advice and I look forward to speaking to you soon.”

Elite Sales

Elite Sale’s is the name given to a way of selling unlike any that we’ve encountered so far in the marketplace. Based on a not just informing and educating our clients but also challenging them to look at their own marketplace and identify problems they might not yet be aware of. Elite Sales bring your clients to the sales not as spectators or as a client being sold to but as part of the sale in as much as you are.

Based around Paul’s own experiencesin sales and marketing over the last 10 years, Elite Sales is a tried and tested method for pushing against the resistancethat any entrepreneur or business owner will feel while bringing their brand and products to market. The skills and knowledge laid out at our events, put down on paper in Paul’s latest book and shared through our social media channels encompass not just a way of selling but a mindset for success we hope everyone we work with can embrace!

Success, Freedom, Commitment

Paul encourages his readers, fans and clients to strive to achieve more, to be better and to work harder to rise above the competition in order to make their goals a reality. Freedom comes in many forms, individual, spiritual and financial but in order to achieve your own personal freedom letting go of false limitations and unlocking your true potential is the one true way of achieving the lifestyle you and your family deserves.

From our offices in Manchester, we now run four rapidly growing companies with plans on expanding into new areas within the next 12 months.

College Of Excellence

The latest member to the Paul Lunny group of companies College of Excellence is our new online sales training platform providing the latest and most advanced sales training courses to individuals and corporations across the UK & Europe. Due to high demand, we are currently in the process of launching our second version of this amazing resource and you can sign up to our mailing list to learn more.