Paul multitasking after the birth of his daughter this October.


“In today’s modern economy it can often seem that the greatest challenge is just keeping up to date with the latest changes in technology and the way our customers now shop. Although it’s true that the internet and social media have change sales forever what they’ve also done is highlighted that the need for well trained professional salespeople is stronger than ever.

There has never been a better time to develop your’s and your team’s sales skills and whether you’ve spotted something specific you’re struggling with or you’re looking at the sales board thinking we can do better then we have the solutions for you.

I am proud to work with businesses of all sizes from sole traders through to large multinationals to help them improve their exposure and dramatically increase their revenue by finding often overlooked opportunities and areas for improvement. I have worked with some of the UK’s fastest growing businesses and I now own and operate four rapidly growing companies based in Manchester. Being a business owner myself gives me a unique insight into just how difficult it can be to grow business so being able to help other companies grow and flourish is something we’re really passionate about.

I believe that every single person can achieve amazing things with the right skills, mindset and support and I hope that either by working directly together or through one of the businesses I own we can help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for visiting my site, please feel free to contact my team for any help or advice and I look forward to speaking to you soon.”

Elite Sales

Success, Freedom, Commitment

Since 2011 we have provided state of the art sales training programs to businesses up and down the UK and now specialise in:

  • In-house Sales Training Courses
  • One Day Events
  • Bespoke Online Sales Training Programs
  • One To One Sales Coaching

Every program we deliver is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients regardless of their background, experience or skillset.


College Of Excellence

College of Excellence is the number one sales training platform in the world and provides one of the most comprehensive training solutions available. It offers Paul Lunny’s most extensive training curriculum and with over a 1000 individual video segments and interactive sections is the most advanced sales training system anywhere in the world. With Paul Lunny as your personal sales coach on hand 24/7 to provide you with the support you need you can reach your full potential and take your sales to the next level.