A New Site For A New Vision


Hello, and thank you very much for visiting our newly finished website.

This will be the third version of this site in as many years and although I will explain the reason for this I just want to say thank you to the team for all the help and support we’ve had over the last year. The last 12 months have crazy and without the help and love from not just the team but our loyal customers I’m not sure we would have made it.

Just to summarise in the last 12 months I’ve welcomed my first child into this world, moved house twice (long story), been in a car crash (another long story) moved offices, my wife has had major surgery and we’re just days away from a second child joining the clan. So you could say it’s been a busy year.

I’m all for turning a new leaf, there is never a better day to start fresh than today. RIGHT NOW! (in office joke).

So the relaunch of The Lunny Group comes at a time where there’s a lot of change going on my life anyway and a drawing of a line in the sand is needed. We’re really excited for all the new things that are coming up for us and our customers so it seemed like the perfect time to get things started and for things to move forward.

The Master Plan 4.3

I’ve been working with Google now for 12 years and in that time a lot has changed. Not just in the way Google works but also the technology we use to interact with the internet. It’s been common knowledge that mobile phones are becoming the primary way we surf the web and therefore the way we present information to our clients has to change.

When I first started providing SEO to businesses in the UK I created a blueprint that allowed me to rank any site on the first page of Google (within reason) no matter what they did or where they were based. I aptly named this method the master plan and it’s been the backbone of our success since day one.

Well, this year has thrown up some major changes to how SEO is implemented and therefore the master plan has had to change. We’re currently in the process of rolling out Master Plan 4.3 and we’re really excited for the results we’re going to be able to deliver using our latest ranking methods, so watch this space.

A New Site For New SEO

So to tie in with our latest SEO update we’re launching our new website. Packed full of the latest SEO news and strategies to help your business achieve better results and ultimately more revenue.

Onto of this we will be soon launching our new SEO Training Program which will be free for all our existing SEO customers so that we can better educate our customers to make the most of their website.

New Offices

We’re also pleased to announce we’re soon to be moving into new offices within Manchester city centre which will allow us to serve our customers better. The new space will bring together a number of our brands, WPPhoto our hosting company, SEOTrainingUK our training company as well as Creative Horizons our web design and digital marketing agency. Having everything under one roof is going to make it easier to manage and ensure that everyone is working to new high standards we strive to achieve.

We’re really excited to share this news with you as it means that we’re going to be able to deliver better results for our clients and ultimately higher rankings. Kiefer and I are really looking forward to working with you or meeting you at one of the events we’re hosting over the next year, so why not drop us an email or call and we look forward to hearing from you soon.