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5 Steps To Digital Marketing Sales Mastery!

Selling digital products and services such as SEO or web design is just as hard if not more not more difficult than selling tangible products and services.

What was once a new and cutting-edge industry is now considered the norm, and over the last few years the web design market in the UK has become highly competitive and is probably one of the most saturated marketplaces I’ve ever worked with.

Every man and his dog now claims to be a web designer or internet marketing guru, and it’s never been trickier for you to differentiate yourself and close sales in the volumes large enough to build a successful business.

The surge in sole traders and freelancers into the marketplace has created a situation where the buyer’s perception of the value of the services that you provide is almost non-existent.

When you can buy a website for a hundred pounds why should I pay £2000 for a bespoke website and branding package?

Why do I even need a bespoke website?

I get five calls a day from people telling me they could be on the first page of Google every single day!

You can see where I’m going with this.

I’ve worked within the digital marketing niche for nearly 10 years and over that time I’ve built two very successful businesses and managed teams of between 30 or 40, and this has allowed me to perfect the art of selling digital marketing to a range of different niches.

When it comes to selling search engine optimisation, Google Ads, websites or social media marketing there is a tried and tested proven method that not only builds strong relationships but closes deals!

Follow the steps below to start to build the formula you need to succeed in selling digital marketing and for more information or if you are interested in finding out her how we can help your business grow why not get in touch or join us on one of our training events across the country.

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Step One: Make an impact.

When you are selling digital products and services, especially services that the client doesn’t necessarily fully understand it is quite difficult to create value. Making an impact in an industry where there is a lot of background noise is naturally painful. A lot of the people you’re going to speak to have either tried the products and services before or are sceptical enough to have never bothered to do it better in the first place. Standing out from the crowd and creating an impact is an essential part of selling digital products and services. Whether you’re dealing with warm inbound leads or your cold calling, you need to be able to grab your prospect’s attention in a way that gets them to talk and see the benefits of what you have to offer. In these situations especially the cold calling you’ve got less than 10-15 seconds to make an impact, so have an introduction ready, a big bold statement! Who you are, where are you calling from and why they should listen to you. Keep it short and keep it sweet

Step Two: Build Authority

You need to understand that by now most of the people you’re going pitch to have either been pitched the product before or have at least been approached with the idea of buying your products. If they have purchased before the fact that you’re there and they’ve given you the opportunity to speak to them clearly shows that there is some doubt in the relationship with their current provider. So you need to come from a place of understanding when you pitch your clients. Your leads are going to be super sceptical about what you’re saying because they have heard it before. Skeptism is now a fundamental part of selling web design or social media and digital marketing. To help build authority firstly, I’d recommend using third-party testimonials from existing clients. People love to see results and a picture paints a thousand words.

Always put everything in writing and the more information you can put in writing the better! Make sure the client has a written proposal, and you need to start going the extra distance producing reports, highlighting information and writing blog articles. The more you can do to create the persona of someone who’s an authority the quicker you are going to make your life easier.

Step Three: Visual Presentations

Sometimes it can be confusing for your client, there’s a lot of information for them to process and also they need to be able to trust what you’re saying. Whenever possible if your prospect is in front of the computer present to them visually. Make your life easy by having something you can show them, either an online presentation or screen share technology. An online meeting platform is brilliant as it allows you to control the meeting. You can present them visually and help them understand what you’re selling. More often than not the prospects your speaking to might not have the same skill levels in this area as you do hence they’re looking to employ you for your services. Help them to understand your information by presenting that to them in a visual way.

Step Four: Know & Understand Your Objections

Once you’ve been selling a product for a while, you should start to know to in advance the main objections that you’re going to hear. You should be able to understand the answers to these objections like they are words to your favourite song! You need to be able to deliver these mini scripts in a way that moves the sale forward. Make your life substantially easier and increase your income at a much quicker rate, write down your objections now, do it right now!

Answer these and learn I promise you’re going to get much better at speaking to your prospects on those long calls.

Step Five: Follow-up

Due to the scepticism surrounding web design and digital products, it can often feel like you’re missing something when you’re pitching a client. You might feel like they a have a piece of information that you don’t and for the most part, they do, and it’s regarding their situation. So selling SEO or selling website design is a bit like picking a lock. You need to follow up with different details each time you call the client back. Make sure you have a reason to call again, and it has to be purposeful. It could be an article you’ve seen that they might be interested in. It could be a testimonial that they could speak to or it could be that its the one-year anniversary and you’re getting a second voice on the call to find out why it is you’ve not closed the deal. No matter what the reason is, have a purpose to the call and pick the lock. Eventually, you will get the right combination, and that lead will become a client.

So that’s my top tips to selling digital marketing products and services if you are looking to increase your revenue and you work in this area one tenant event on 26 July in Manchester or give us a call and ability will be happy to help.

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