365 Podcast #003 You are only human!
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356 Commitment Daily Podcast – #004 The importance of writing down your goals!

Youve made it to day four well done you, all week weve been focusing on the choices that we make, how they affect us, sometimes without realising, and how its important to let go of those moments in our life that have been and gone.

Where ever you are right now, find just 5 minutes of you time, now take a deep breath, relax and try not to let the business of the outside world distract you.

As we focus this week on getting the wheels of action moving its important to think about where we want to be one day. They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, but where are we going?

A journey without a destination is one that is doomed to go on forever, or worse, not even get started.

More often than not when I work with clients whether it be to help them increase their sales or improve their customer experience, more often than not people have an idea of what they would like to achieve, but the destination hasnt been clearly set out.

Its great to say “I want to lose weight”, but how much do you want to lose? And more importantly, if you were to wake up tomorrow what would you weigh? What would you look like? How would you feel?

Its all too easy to say we want to increase turnover by 20% but whats the headline figure, what profit is being made on that and what does a 20% increase in turnover look like for you and your business? Other than simply bigger numbers whats the why?

So, before we spend the next 361 days together working on making this next year the best weve ever had, where are we going?

If you have the opportunity now, then grab a pen and paper and take the time out to write down your goals and write them like theyre facts. Leave a few (at least three) lines between each goal if you can as were going to come back to these.

I run a successful sales training business with an annual turnover of 2M

I support my wife in her dream of running a successful wedding blog and magazine.

I spend at least one and half hours a day with my two children without distraction doing whatever is they want to do so we spend time as a family.

These are just a few of my goals, and hopefully, it gives you an idea of how they need to be written out. The next step is to write down underneath each of these goals why you wrote them down. Why do you want to achieve these things?

I want to run a successful business for my family, to provide the kind of security to my children that I never had growing up.

Do this for all the goals youve just written down.

Last up, write down how you would feel if you achieve these goals, and I really want you to think about this. Picture them in your head and really spend time focusing on what hitting these goals looks like. I can see myself spending time with my children over breakfast, smiling and enjoying those precious moments.

Writing down your goals is something that you should do every single morning. It will help refocus your mind on whats important for the day ahead and help you make the right choices throughout the day.

Thats it for today; I hope you have a positive and productive day whatever it is you’re doing, as always if youve enjoyed our podcast, then please subscribe. We’re now on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and please share your comments and ideas with me on Facebook, LinkedIn or drop me an email.

Have an amazing day!

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