Sales training courses and business leadership delivered online, in person and at live events across the UK & Europe.

Based in Manchester, Paul Lunny and his team are one of the UK’s fastest growing and innovative Sales Training provides, and our team of dedicated consultants are here to support you achieve your business goals. With over 10 years experience within Sales & Digital Marketing, you can trust us to help you dramatically increase your exposure, revenue and customer experience.

From in-house sales training through to one off events and online sales coursesif you’re looking for the latest and most and advancedsales skills and the know how to drive your business forward then contact us today!

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Sales Training Courses

Paul Lunny and his team of sales training consultants specialise in Business to business, business to consumer and retail sales courses both in-house, on demand and at events across the UK. Our team has helped thousands of individuals from across Manchester, the UK and Europe achieve unprecedented sales success.

Paul is one of the sales industries thought leaders and through his social media channels, books and live events his goal is to change the face of sales in the UK forever.

Whether you’re just starting out in sales or looking for something more advanced we have supply a full range of sales training courses that can be delivered in-house with real measurable results. To find out more regarding of our in-house and on-demand sales courses please contact a member of the team today.


Your drive is only limited by the magnitude of your goals!

Industry Leading Online Sales Training

Since 2017 Paul Lunny and his team now provide state of the art sales training through our online portal, which is delivered through our new online platform College of Excellence. Aimed at businesses of all sizes this new digital sales training service delivers the latest techniques both online and on mobile through our dedicated app. With courses ranging from just a few hours to 12 months, The College of Excellence is the next step in providing industry-leading sales and management training on any device at any time.

In todays fast past digital economy those who react quickest thrive, The College of Excellence allows business to adapt to changes in their marketplace in real time by working with your trainers to deliverspecific training packages to meet your changing matket place.

What Our Clients Say About Our Sales Training Courses & One Day Events

Sales Courses With Measurable Results

Our team of experts are able to provide unprecedented levels of service and technical ability across a range of platforms. On average our clients see an increase of between 20-25% in yearly sales following attending one of our events, and through working directly with our trainers your business can directly see similar levels of success.

From researching your market sector and understanding your specific client’s needs through to implementing a complete bespoke in-house training program over 24 months our team are here for you. We use the most updated research and software to create training programs that not only deliver real measurable results but long lasting and actionable content.